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Article from Young Communist League Website

Throughout U.S. history, immigrant labor, either voluntary or involuntary, has helped build the industries, schools, roads, railways, and neighborhoods of this country. The push to end the exploitation of immigrants and expand their rights to live, work, vote, and prosper in the United States is a fundamental goal of the larger working-class movement. Both the Bush Administration and corporate America use race, gender, sexuality and immigration status to divide workers and communities for their own profit.

The current system criminalizes immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants. The YCL believes that a two-tiered society that differentiates immigrants from native-born citizens is unjust, undemocratic and harmful to our generation. The legal status of immigrant workers has been viciously and unjustly used to exploit both documented and undocumented immigrants, in an attempt to drive down wages and working conditions, scare immigrant workers from speaking out, and undermine the potential for workplace solidarity across lines of race, ethnicity, and immigration status. Furthermore, immigrant communities in the U.S. have increasingly faced the threat of violence, deportations, denial of visas, and harassment in the post-September 11 anti-immigrant backlash.

In 2003 groups representing labor, youth, people of color, women, LGBT, community activists and others formed the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Coalition.

The four principles of the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride are: protection of civil rights and civil liberties; family reunification; legalization and a "road to citizenship"; and the protection of rights on the job. These principles still motivate the immigrant rights movement.

The YCL supports and salutes the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride and its fight against the Bush agenda and the right-wing attacks on immigrants, working people and youth. The coalition gives a real voice to working people, native-born and immigrant, and builds the power necessary for our generation to fight back against the right-wing attack and move our country forward.

We support legislation such as the DREAM Act, which would allow undocumented students in colleges and universities across the country to receive financial aid.

We believe that access to quality education is a right for all, regardless of immigration status.

We join labor, immigrant rights and civil liberties organizations in demanding the restoration and expansion of the civil rights of immigrants, which are denied due to undocumented status and were further stripped away after September 11.

We call for ending the "special registration" of immigrants from certain countries for so-called national security purposes, along with the denial of due process and legal counsel for detained immigrants.

We call for a full amnesty policy that enables immigrants who have been living and working in the United States to change their status and become citizens with full legal rights.

We demand protections for immigrant workers who organize on the job, barring employers from firing them and having them deported once they speak up at work.

Finally, the question of family reunification strikes at the heart of our generation and we demand an end to the current immigration policies that separate and divide hundreds of thousands of families.



Please read the above and take note, this is how the left,the Communist, and the ACLU want things to be with illegal aliens.  They want the US taxpayers to pay for the illegal's college,health care you name it.

If you don't think we are under attack from the left--then you are living in a dream world.  What is there not to understand about the word " ILLEGAL"" pretty straight forward --but the Communist media and the left don't quite get the word ILLEGAL !

AMERICA wake up we are being invaded and we are asleep at the wheel....